Email - Plus addressing

An E-mail 'plus address' (also known as a sub-address or + address) allows a user to create new email addresses to be delivered to their inbox without any further configuration.
It is known as a plus address as it has a plus sign between the mailbox name and the made-up part.

For example, if your email address is you could ask people to email
These emails will be delivered to the inbox so there is essentially no difference between the two.
However you could then add a mailbox filter to file in to a different folder as the to: address will include the sub-address.

Another common use is when you use your email address to register an account on a website. Instead of using your usual email address, you would use Therefore any messages sent to this address can be filtered. This has the added benefit that if you start to recieve junk mail, you can identify where it came from. This also makes it easy to filter to junk or delete if an email address is misused.

Cloudient supports plus addressing for both email boxes and forward aliases.