Domain names

Internet domain names are an important tool for protecting your brand on-line and add credibility to business transactions.

Each Internet domain ends with a 'top level domain' (TLD). For example / / are TLD of Nominet. There are many TLD's, see Wikipedia for more information on TLD.

Registrars of Top Level Domains (TLD) have their own policies and rules relating to each TLD. The common ICANN TLD (such as .com, .org) and many others use the Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution rules ("UDRP") and the policy.

Registrations and renewals

When registering or renewing your domains and services, you will be presented with a breakdown of the associated costs of each service item or package if appropriate. You can choose to auto-renew, and in this case, you will have to advise if you no longer want to have your services renewed.

At the time of registration, you will be provided links to the registrar terms and conditions relating to the domains that you are registering.

Depending on the TLD, other rules may apply. If you register a domain name, you are bound to the rules for the TLD

Expiring domains

Unless you have selected to have automatically renewing services, you will be notified before your domain and service expires. From the date of notification, you have 30 days to confirm renewal in order for services to continue.